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4 kW FM Transmitter, Mains efficiency (> 67%), Power Consumption 5320VA
Digital exciter, Remote Control via Internet, High efficiency (Less energy consumption, Less heating)
Extra power supply for control system
N+1 Redundancy and Change Over system is included,
30 Event Logs monitored on LCD or remotely via internet, SMS and email warning(option), GSM to Ethernet modem(option)
High Quality Professional Exciter State Of The Art Of Performances 

Very Compact Cabinet 10 U Rack 

Very High Efficency More Than 65% 

Very Efficient LDMOS Amplifer 

Fully Broadband Sold State Amplifers With Integrated Harmonic Filter 

Full Interaction With External Devices Using The Telemetry Connectors 

Measurement And Display Of The Transmitter's Working Parameters 

Seven Selectable Complete Set-Up Ready For Use N+1 System 

Remote Control Via Internet (TCP/IP, SNMP) 

High Reliablty Use Of Microstrip Technology 

Compliant With All The Standard ETSI CCIR - FCC 

Double Exciter Wth Automatic Changeover System 

GSM And PSTN Telemetry 

OIRT & JPN Version 

Digtal Audio Inputs 

LPFM Code Station: FCC Identifcaton Code 

RDS Coder : Easy Programmable By Pc 

The FT4K FM transmitter s designed to provide more reliable FM transmitters using the extremely rugged LDMOS power transistor for the FM broadcast market.
It has a 50W exciter (OM50), 4KW FM amplifer (FA4K) and a cabinet.

The amplifer uses only 4 peces BLF178XR extremely rugged LDMOS power transistor from NXP.

LDMOS technology allows hgher performance compared to the tradtonal MOSFET transstors:

 Higher effcency(72%). 

Excellent thermal stabilty 

The BLF178XR are capable of wthstandng a load msmatch correspondng to VSWR > 65 : 1.
Ths means that t s very hard to demage the transstor wth hgh reflecton from antenna. 

Smaller dimensons at the same RF output power. 

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