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FT1K FM Transmitter
FT1K FM Transmitter

The FT1K FM Transmitter is designed to provide more reliable high power FM transmitters using the LDMOS transistors for the FM broadcast market.
RUI (Remote User Interface) system allows control, monitoring, fault analysis, and event logging using an I.P. based tool.
FT1K Transmitter has been designed to operate in the whole FM frequency range (87.5 to 108.0 MHz), able to deliver an output power adjustable from 0 to 1 KW.
This unit is factory calibrated therefore it does not require any adjustment or calibration in place before starting its operation.
It consist of high efficiency latest generation LDMOS BLF178XR transistors from NXP.
Main Feature :
High Quality Professional Exciter State Of The Art Of Performances 

Very Compact Cabinet 8 U Rack 

Very High Effciency More Than 65% 

Very Effcient LDMOS Amplifer 

Fully Broadband Sold State Amplifers Wth Integrated Harmonic Filter 

Full Interacton Wth External Devices Using The Telemetry Connectors 

Measurement And Display Of The Transmitter's Working Parameters 

Seven Selectable Complete Set-Up Ready For Use N+1 System 

Remote Control Via Internet (TCP/IP, SNMP) 

High Relablty Use Of Mcrostrp Technology 

Complant Wth All The Standard ETSI CCIR - FCC 

Double Exciter With Automatic Changeover System 

GSM And PSTN Telemetry 

OIRT & JPN Verson 

Dgtal Audo Inputs 

LPFM Code Staton: FCC Identifcaton Code 

RDS Coder : Easy Programmable By Pc 

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