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Exciter FTC25
Exciter FTC25

Main Features
Very Compact Case (1U Rack)
High Quality Professional DDS modulator with built in RDS encoder
Very High Efficiency More Than 65%
Automatic Power Control
Fully Broadband
Measurement And Display Of The Transmitter's Working Parameters
High Reliability Use Of Microstrip Technology
Compliant With All The Standard ETSI CCIR - FCC
FTC25 digital FM exciter is designed to provide a solution using software based
modulator, stereo coder and RDS coder in a single chip.
The amplifier uses only 1 piece BLF571 extremely rugged LDMOS power transistor from NXP.
LDMOS technology allows higher performance compared to the traditional MOSFET transistors:
Higher effcency (74%).
Excellent thermal stability
Smaller dimensions at the same RF output power.

Harga Normal € 1.500
Harga Diskon € 1.100
Hemat € 400 (26.67%)
Radio and TV Broadcast Spesialist | by Mitra Elektro Broadcast