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5 band audio processor modul
5 Band Audio Processor Modul

Audio Processor 5 band
If you are looking for special crispy sound, especially for funk 80 / 90 music style, this processor is for you.
For demo please visit https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10203086425344743&set=vb.1329372419&type=2&theater When broadcaster are looking for their audio performances they often like that the sound apper loud to listeners. Somes broadcaster use softwere audio processing, but !!! The sound is agressive, cold and not realy music tutch !
This board can be use also to precess voice and guive realy cool result.
Take the advande of a full analog audio processing. Delivering you hot and loud sound. The result is uncomparable to softwere processing. Get your radio station sound differently ! Do not underestimate this board, it could definitly make your joy. This processor is very powerfull.
The board is deliver with "french tuch" preset & useur manual.
This board is prefered for experienced useur.
The broad is supply from 15Vdc to 55Vdc so it can be directly supply by your transmitter power supply.

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