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Synapse Digital Mixer
Synapse Digital Mixer

Synapse is a modular console designed to meet the needs of today's radio stations, offers a wide range of configurations based on a mainframe with 16 slots for input modules .
General overview:
-All Balanced inputs and outputs
-Modular 16 channel Mixer
-Input modules: Mic-Line, Line-Line
-Digital digital and telephone hybrid
- A/B input control
-100 mm Sliders with Digital VCA control.
-Mic Input with insert I/O and Phantom Supply
-GPIs and GPOs (optional)
-Digital input (option) with automatic sample rate converter (32, 44.1, 48, 96 KHz)
-Three band tone module to control each analog input module (option)
-Double Harware interface: consumer optical and professional balanced
-Telephone opto-coupled hybrid with Digital Echo-canceller plug
-Meeting function on telephone hybrid
-2 independent bus (PGM, UTL) stereo outputs
-2 independent Analog Stereo Outputs (PGM and UTL)
-2 Independent Digital 32, 44.1, 48, 96 KHz output with selectable sample rate (PGM and UTL). -Double Hardware interface: consumer optical and professional balanced -CUE Bus -Control Room and Studio modules with monitor mode selector -Control Room and Studio out with mute logic -DIM functions on headphones and Control Room -2 Analog stereo VU meters: PGM (fix) and automatic CUE metering (switched) -Integrate talk back microphone -Built-in CUE speaker -2 stereo inputs for external sources (AUX) -Integrated “Control Studio Fader” controls -Output opto-coupled ON AIR command -Totally shielded bus -Golden contact DB connectors for audio and logic I/O

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