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Transmitter AM 1 KW Amstrong USA
Transmitter AM 1 KW Amstrong USA

This compact, 1KW Solid State AM Transmitter is HD Radio ready and offers high quality audio, low maintenance and optimized multiphase modulation.
Housed in a heavy-duty aluminum chassis, it easily fits into a 19" rack, taking up only seven rack spaces (12.25"). It features hot pluggable 600-watt modules and three power level settings (that can be easily field set) to give you versatility for full power and pre sunrise/post sunset power adjustment. It is capable of 150% positive modulation and offers complete remote control capability via a rear mounted DB 25 connector.

HD Radio compatible, it sports an external RF input for digital signal injection.
Main Features:
+90% RF PA efficiency
Optimized multiphase modulator (flat group delay, low source impedance)
Capable of +150% positive modulation
Compact design
Designed to easily accept the new digital IBOC signal
Three preset power levels and full remote control capability
Two hot-pluggable 600 Watt RF modules for extra reliability and headroom
Two high efficiency switching power supplies
Fully redundant RF, modulator, cooling system and power supplies

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